This is NOT the Night Before Krystallnacht!

original - unretouched

original - unretouched



Republican Donors – Your Dollars at Work

This photo was provided by McCain/Palin campaign for press use… and presumably for any and all uses.  Oh, all right then I don’t have to be told twice.  I have a few uses in mind.  Let’s just say that this one doesn’t leave much to the imagination, as the worst of Sarah Palin keeps showing up every time I open a newspaper.  This one photograph comes close to resembling the rabble-rousing Sarah in the stories that are emerging.

Out there is a part of America-loving America (Henderson, Nevada, I believe) where it’s apparently also easy to think of herself as smarter than a lot of people – she has gone full tilt boogie beehive in front of a lot of cheering, hooting folks driven by fear and uneasiness.  Their lives are falling apart.  They need someone to pick on, someone to unload their frustration upon, someone who has “chosen to be unsaved.”

Their fear of job loss and their misplaced anger at people only slightly different than themselves make them easy marks for being manipulated by demagogues. There are restless youth out there, looking for people to hate.  Just like in times past… times I would dearly love to not see repeated.

So – Lowest Common Denominator Sarah.  Pretending to be our “Everywoman” laundramat confidante, folding overalls next to the coin machine.  Ranting about “those people” who will supposedly bring down the neighborhood, or the country, if we let “them” take control.  Offering up fired-off little pumped up exaggerations and half-lies that feed on the very worst instincts in people – instincts to blame others, instincts to hurt, instincts to banish and isolate and attack that which is “foreign” and unfamiliar.

Hey, but we all do know you’re not one of us.  We know how much those clothes, those shoes, those eyeglasses, that makeup, that couture hair-streaking cost.  Your $26,000-plus monthly hairstylist bill exceeds all my annual household expenses.  You are not “Everywoman.”

Love America?  Is that what this hyperventilated dissing of half your fellow citizens is all about?  Feels like tear America apart to me.  


Shrieking harpies egging on fights, and petty grudges, and wholesale wars pop up throughout history – pushing men who crave the temporary approval handed out by such pampered beauty queens.  She’s picking for a fight – but it’s always a fight that someone else will fight for her… hoping for a flash of that glistening barracuda smile.

In Nevada - Sarah Palin signs Campaign Brochure

In Nevada, Sarah Palin signs Campaign Brochure (retouching by MCB) Click to download full sized version.

Hand America to her, you’ll be handing your future and your children to Missus Fixit – whose personal witnessed exorcism and 1/10 of a million dollar wardrobe and hairdo are all supposed to propel her into the White House cockpit, where her new VP Michael Chertoff and she will run your life in whatever way makes sense to them, guided by their prayers, not yours and mine. 

John McCain is just engineered obsolescence (sorry Senator McCain… but I think you’ve been set up).  

Look out, everyone.


2 Responses to This is NOT the Night Before Krystallnacht!

  1. michaelbix says:

    Not clear on Krystallnacht? The anniversary arrives on November 8th.
    Learn more –
    Read a stunning 1985 commentary (including audio) – with an ironic and pithy observation about what might lie in store for America in 10 or 15 (or 20?) years here –
    This last account is from a survivor of Krystallnacht and Buchenwald. He concerns are right on the mark, I suspect, as well as his suspicion of America’s dangerous “gentile-ness.” Only a person with his experiences can speak with this much authority.
    Both men here caution that the “signs” of the Holocaust” were clearly in evidence long before the public enactment of the Nazi pograms. Both urge vigilance and avoidance of complacency when observing or hearing hate speech – they were each talking about anti-Semitism, but certainly racist/ethnic/class-diminishing speech follows the same pattern.

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